What We Offer

Our technology will connect you to the best industry consultants to make the winning decision. Business landscape in today’s world becomes increasingly competitive and getting a timely access to top-quality experts can make the difference. Pochmak provides our customers with direct web-based consultations with top consultants who can provide intelligence on subject matter which is of interest to you. Relevance of Consultants – Matching the most relevant consultants to the projects Speed – You can get on the phone with the right consultants in matter of minutes Rates – Lowest rates in the industry allows all businesses to have an access to the pool of world’s top consultants Technology – Our cutting edge technology will give you an access to expert pool online for easy reach and immediate communication Compliance – We build on trust and transparency and have compliance framework which is the cornerstone of our business. Select Industry


Pochmak network can provide immediate access to the right team with right expertise so your company will get deep and broad intelligence across various industries. Top global experts and thinkers will help you to understand faster the most pressing problems and issues your customers are facing and provide them with great solutions. Pochmak provides unmatched on-demand intelligence you need every day.

Private Equity

Origination – Pochmak provides web-based consultations with top industry consultants who enable PE firms to uncover new deals and generate new investment opportunities across various sectors and industries. Diligence - Pochmak provides top-quality expertise to PE firms which is essential prior to committing yourself to a deal. Secure privileged knowledge and insights from the trusted sources. Pochmak intelligence will help you to secure great deals and walk away from bad ones.

Hedge Funds

Long/Short Equity Pochmak technology will connect you to top industry consultants who will provide critical intelligence to boost up your value drivers when conducting long/short equity investments. This intelligence will broaden and deepen you knowledge and understanding of a subject which really matters to you and will assist you in making the winning decision. Distressed Our consultants will help you navigate in the risky waters of investing in distressed securities. They will help you to uncover an extra layer of intelligence and empower you to make best decisions when dealing with a particular company, industry or management team. Event Driven Pochmak consultants will provide new intelligence necessary to analyze the risks and opportunities associated with corporate events. Our technology will connect you to consultants who will assist you to identify the factors that unlock the value. Global Macro Connect with top former government officials, political and economic experts around the globe to gain edge on macroeconomic and geopolitical trends and to capitalize on big-picture trends and imbalances.  Emerging and Frontier Markets Pochmak’s worldwide network of top-quality consultants will help you to mitigate risks like lack of transparency and information about companies and industries. They will also provide valuable intelligence to generate ideas for investment opportunities across global asset classes.


Your company will have on-demand access to top global experts and consultants for knowledge and intelligence. Be it strategic marketing, Research & Development, market research, business development, Mergers & Acquisitions our consultants will be able to assist you and create value for your company across multiple industries. At Pochmak we believe that we can create value for your company substantially larger than our service fees. "Fortune favors the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur