Pochmak Compliance for Expert Consultants

Compliance is a core commitment for our business. By registering with Pochmak, experts agree to our Terms and Conditions. This framework sets out the standards of eligibility and conduct for holding conversations with our Business Clients. Pochmak’s compliance team will review each potential expert’s profile to verify eligibility for consultation as well as adherence to Pochmak’s compliance framework and website Terms and Conditions. Once approved, the candidate will be added to Pochmak’s database of experts and can begin interacting with clients.

By registering with Pochmak, Experts agree that they:

Pochmak reserves the right to continuously monitor Expert and Client profiles and take immediate action to suspend or terminate any account deemed to have violated the above requirements.

Pochmak Compliance for Business Clients

At Pochmak, we take our clients’ compliance requirements seriously, and continuously work to ensure that our system will not violate our clients’ needs. We routinely reach out to thousands of the world’s leading businesses for potential consultation and work to identify compliance conflicts these businesses may have with use of external consultants. Our system is kept up to date with compliance standards; if your company has additional requirements for experts, please contact our compliance team at info@pochmak.com so we can ensure that your requirements are registered with our system.

Any potential or current Pochmak user may reach out to us with questions about our compliance framework. Please email us at info@pochmak.com