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Pochmak is a technology-driven solution connecting corporations, private equity firms, hedge funds, consulting firms, small and medium-sized businesses to the top industry experts and professionals. Our technology helps to solve investment and business problems. Our experts will help you to find the winning decision. Best of all, membership in our platform is completely FREE.

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Join Pochmak as a Business or as an Expert. Business users create projects and search for Experts; Experts search for and apply to projects. We provide the conferencing system, time accounting, and facilitate the end-to-end match making process.



For Businesses, our tools simplify the process of creating and tracking projects as well as searching for the right experts. For Experts, we allow you to quickly and easily find the right projects for you. Set your own rates and work on your own schedule! We provide the tools for you to interact directly with our entire network of users.



We understand that your time is valuable! As our network grows, we aim to streamline and simplify the consulting process. We also aim to reduce the overall time it takes to find the right matches by automatically suggesting promising matches between Experts and projects.

A better way to match the right experts to the right projects

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Pochmak for businesses

We enable businesses to make more informed decisions by providing access to our large network of expert consultants. Our customers are top private equity firms, hedge funds, consulting firms, multinational corporations, and medium and small enterprises. Pochmak helps them to make winning decisions by giving them an immediate access to top experts around the globe. We provide phone-based consultations and you can search, select, and reach out to experts using our database.

Pochmak for experts

We provide a new and better way for experts to share their knowledge with potential clients. Our network will match you with the right business clients and provide you with an intuitive and streamlined consulting experience. Our technology catalogues your profile of expertise and allows potential clients to find you



Pochmak was launched in 2017 by a group of Columbia University and New York University alumni with degrees in business administration, economics, computer science, and mathematics. Based in New York City, we aim to be the leading trusted source of knowledge for businesses around the globe. We strongly believe in the power of technology to improve the world around us. "Pochmak" means "angle" in the Tatar language, and our inspiration is that by leveraging cutting edge information technology and infrastructure, we can revolutionize standards in the economic research and consulting industries -- to provide a new angle on information exchange. We believe that this new technological wave which we represent will shape the industry in the coming years.

At Pochmak, we are passionate about using the cutting edge technology to connect millions of people and businesses around the globe to the new investment and business opportunities.


New York, NY